Think local and reach your Malaysian consumer base

InterECM Email Marketing Software

Businesses in Malaysia, many of them just like yours, require the use of multiple marketing strategies in order to truly reach consumers. Through the advances of the Internet and Malaysia's own growing high-tech infrastructure, email marketing in Malaysia has taken flight to provide offers, promotions and consumer based information services which benefit long term consumer relations management but more importantly consumer needs.

Using the power of email, many large scale businesses have been able to keep in constant contact with their consumers, keep consumers abreast with the latest information and provide unique email only advantages which send consumers barging through stores.

The icing on this unique environment is that this can be done using bulk email marketing strategies. Which means tens of thousands of your most loyal consumers receive your latest promotion, discounts or loyalty points and act on it - exclusively.

As a consumer, who wouldn't love the thought of being able to capitalize on unique just-for-me offers that have no papertrail, long queues or sardine can packed boutiques?

And just for showing that extra bit of engagement? An exclusive email delivered discount on your birthday.


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