So What's InterECM?

InterECM is an online email marketing software (or standalone) that can literally do wonders for your business. It’s the marketing edge many booming and established businesses already own and here's why:

InterECM works off only the most essential campaign management functionalities so you have a simple and effective marketing tool for:

  • A recurring advertising presence
  • Ad hoc or batch-based communication deliveries
  • An easy & straight forward way to view your customer participation levels
It's unlike any other email marketing solution because of its scalable management capabilities. And since it's a hosted web based email marketing engine, you can develop, deploy, execute, monitor and track your marketing communications from anywhere in the world!

InterECM's attention to personalization also means you will soon be talking to your customers instead of at them!

InterECM allows you to:

  • Keep in touch with customers and prospects
  • Communicate cheaper than with direct mail
  • Build long-term, profitable relationships
  • Send great-looking HTML emails with graphics or plain text
  • Track your email marketing campaign responses
  • Send great-looking HTML emails with graphics or plain text
  • Deliver campaigns on the go
  • Extend your market reach at a much lower cost
  • View real-time reports and analytics
InterECM Email Marketing Features
  • Unified Broadcasting
  • Fully Personalizable Content
  • User-Friendly Configuration
  • Reliable High Speed Engine
  • Scheduling Functions
  • Comprehensive Tracking & Reporting
  • Support Multiple Languages
InterECM Email Marketing Application Options

  • Newsletters, Brochures
  • e-Surveys, Customer Database Cleansing and Update
  • Email Promotions (Online Marketing Campaign, Product Launch)
  • e-Statement (Loyalty Points, Credit Card, Bank, Utility Statements)
  • Email Alerts and Notifications
  • Reservations/Confirmation Forms
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